Best Type of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There is a lot that goes into the best type of Egyptian cotton sheets. The plant species the cotton is derived from. It could be where and by whom it is that transforms the raw cotton into sheets. The location it was grown also plays a part. We have lots to learn in this short article, so let's get started.

The most coveted cotton plant is a Giza line known as Giza 45, which is made from the plant ‎Gossypium barbadense. ‎Gossypium barbadense is an ELS cotton, also known as extra long staple. It's these much longer fibers that make Egyptian cotton what it is. The longer the fibers the stronger the thread. The strong the thread, the better it weaves and less it pills.

You can buy other ELS Egyptian cotton from the ‎Gossypium barbadense plant and these will cost less and we will get to why next. Once you have ELS cotton, where it's processed from raw material into thread and then sheets makes a huge difference in quality.

The most expensive Giza 45 sheets are made by very specific companies in Italy by artisans that are sometimes 7 generations deep, making the best sheets in the world. These people are so good at their craft that they can use a much lower thread count and produce amazing sheets from any ELS cotton when others fail.

Find the brands that have their sheets made in these old textile factories in Northern Italy and you will be happy, even thrilled as long as it's made from ELS cottons. Get Giza 45 from the same people and you have the best in the world.

Location is important with ELS Egyptian cotton because the fibers mature at over 30% longer than regular cottons such as American Upland. With a little research you will see that all ELS cottons grow in very hot climates with long summer seasons, hence Egyptian cotton.

Some believe the flood plains of the Nile plays a part in this, but Pima cotton, the american ELS cotton grows in the US Southwest is very similar in length and structure of fibers. China, Turkey and other locations across the globe also have their ELS cottons.

This should give you the information you need to purchase the best type of Egyptian cotton, or any ELS cotton for that matter.