Everything You Need To Know Before Booking The Long Island City Rentals

A few weeks ago a secretary phoned me in complete desperation. She had been desperately looking for accommodation in Long Island City for a few VIPs from abroad. She stumbled onto my website, not really comprehending what the service was around.

Apologies for the long launching, but it is a prime illustration of how little travelers in the united states and Europe know about the serviced apartment market. After describing the concept of serviced apartments and helping her find a Long Island City rentals, I realized I had to share this knowledge farther afield. Thus, this article is my participation to start up this elusive industry and give tips to travelers.

A serviced apartment is a level in a block, that has a separate bedroom, sitting room/lounge, fully equipped kitchen, your own private keys to own doorway. Serviced apartments can be in the form of a studio apartment (all in 1 room with a kitchenette), one, two or three bedrooms.

All apartments provide maid service, utilities along with a management staff to assist….just same as a luxury resort. Guests only pay rent and can live in a luxury apartment with everything they would have in their home.

In a hotel, no matter which star rating, you pay per night for one room which will have a TV, bathroom, sofa and a bed. This is similar to a rental apartment! In an apartment, there is a separate bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, bathroom and dining table.