Three Main Types Of Back Pain Treatments

Today, a wide range of back pain treatments are available with the doctors, but which treatment would suit a person in the best way would totally depend on the cause and severity of the pain. Back pain is a subjective matter and it also varies from person to person. This is perhaps the reason that the doctor while analyzing a person for the first time would ask that please rate the pain on the scale of 1 to 10, or maybe the doctor would ask the patient as to how long the back pain is felt or what triggers the back pain. The answers given by the patient to these questions help the doctor decide the best back pain treatment for the patient.

The most common reasons for experiencing back pain is lifting something heavy, twisting the back or sitting, standing or lying in an improper posture. Back pain spares no one, but if you want to know whom it attacks more, then I’d say aged people or those who have been living an inactive lifestyle for a long period. One good thing about back pain is that it is not life threatening unless the problem is too severe that a person can’t even move properly. Normal back pain comes, annoys the people to its fullest and then, go away after a certain period of time given the treatment is taken.

There are various types of preventive measures known by many people, out of which, some are really effective while others just provide temporary back pain relief. The back pain treatment is categorized into home based treatment, medications, and medical management. You have no idea that by bringing a significant change in your lifestyle, you can prevent a number of medical issues.

1. Home-based treatments: This include sleeping, but keeping pillows between the knees while lying on one side. If possible, then you should lay down on a flatbed instead of a spongy bed and keep pillows under your knees. But, don’t just stay in your bed for too long as it will worsen your condition. There are many exercises that you can do at home to alleviate back pain, but it would be better if you consult a specialist before doing anything.

2. Medications and Drugs: There are many drugs available in the pharmacy stores that you can have to reduce the pain. Drugs like Ibuprofen is known to have great influence on the sore back, so you can have this medicine. There are hot and cold packs available as well, which you can apply on the back, as they provide instant relief. During the initial days, apply a cold pack and once the pain gets reduced, apply a hot pack to relax the muscles.

3. Medical Treatment: If the above-mentioned processes don’t work, then you should undergo the medical treatment. You will have to take prescribed drugs like Celecoxib or its supplementary medicine (in case it is not available). It would be better to consult a professional doctor like the ones working at Back Solutions Clinic. If they recommend surgery for back pain, then you must go for the surgical procedure.