Another Things to Know When Doing Kawasan Canyoneering

If you’re still asking yourself if there’s something you are missing before doing the Kawasan Canyoneering then this post will truly help you. Here are the things you need to know when doing Kawasan Canyoneering:

Life Vest and Helmet are required

Both life vest and helmet are mandatory for safety purposes for you to float on the water and prevent drowning to happen to you. Helmets protect you from rocks that may bump your head which proved to be really useful during tight maneuvers. All the life vests have pockets where they put the free chocolate bar and a 500 mL water.

Shoes are required

Wearing shoes and sandals with straps are also mandatorily required since you’ll encounter a lot of rock scrambling and swimming. Best to wear an outdoor shoe for canyoneering. And if you forgot to bring one, you can rent for pair that will cost you 50 Pesos.

You Can Bring a Dry Bag

You can bring your dry bag with you that will store your batteries, snacks, energy drinks, etc. Bring a dry bag that has a sling for you to have a more convenient way than those with no slings.

Stores and Canteens in the Starting Point

If you leave Cebu early you may not able to buy the things you need like the breakfast, but the good news is that the area will offer you stores and canteens that are located at the starting point. There are two near the church where you can eat your breakfast that will open around 7 AM. Note that the breakfast is not included in the payment for the Canyoneering activity. You can also buy some energy drinks, candies, some biscuits and chocolate bars and if you have an LBM, you can buy your ever trusty Imodium in the place.

You will truly enjoy the Canyoneering with knowledge for the place and the activity. So never cease on discovering everything that you can acquire through the internet.

Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls Trail Activity

Osmena peak and the Kawasan falls is located in the south rural area of the province of Cebu and time after time, the places have been prominent to foreign and non-local travelers as one of their top tourist spots visited in their itinerary. Osmena peak is part of Cebu’s scenic mountain ranges and what makes the place unique is there are other jagged mini mountains incorporated in the area. The peak is 1,000 meters above sea level which is an overview of Cebu’s south side area. Kawasan falls on the other hand stands out from the other falls in Cebu. The place is the most visited area by travelers that is because of its radiating beauty it projects.

Because of the consistent tourist visits in both areas, osmeña peak to kawasan falls activity then existed to meet every tourists’ expectations and to make the place more interesting as well. Local tourist guides can guide them as Osmena peak to Kawasan falls which is a connected trail can be done by foot which is perfect to those who are in to a trekking activity. A kind of activity which will enable tourists to closer to nature and let them embrace what Mother Nature had provided them especially in this fast paced environment.