What is Kinesio Tape?

Over the last couple of years I get several questions about this colorful “magic” tape that everyone is wearing. You may have seen it on some of the athletes in the Olympics, maybe you say your next door neighbor sporting some on their low back or even the elderly lady that walks around the grocery store wearing some on her knee.  So what exactly is this “magical” tape that everyone is wearing and what does it do exactly? The actually name of this tape is Kinesiology tape and there are several manufactures of this stuff. My favorite to use is either rocktape or Kinesio tape, which my opinion, have the best adhesives and stick well to individuals that are very active.

The goal of the tape is to help elicit proper biomechanical function of the joints and muscles and also can be used as support. The tape can also be used to help lymphatic system work more efficiently and help to reduce the edema, bruising and swelling.  I have used the taping methods on several of my patients that come to my office ranging in complaints of ankle, knee, shoulder, upper and lower back injuries. I highly recommend that if you are continue to have issues with certain aches and pains the use of kinesiology tape can help. Ask your favorite Chandler chiropractic clinic for more information.

Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections

Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses that affect children under 2 years old and can be persistent as you age.  There are three forms of ear infections that can cause these annoying aches and pains which include; acute otitis media (AOM), otitis media with effusion (OME) and  otitis externa (swimmer’s ear).  AOM and OME is usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection and can be the consequences of upper respiratory or allergy issues.  Ear infections that are caused by a bacterial infection should be treated with antibiotics first then alternative care such as chiropractic treatment second. However, if the ear infection is caused by a viral infection antibiotics will not be helped and should not be prescribed according to the CDC.

Viral ear infections need to be treated to reduce the symptoms and allow the body to heal. This is were chiropractic care can be beneficial for treating ear infections. While the adjustment will not directly address the ear infection it will provide relief for the nervous system so that it can focus all of its time on fighting the infection. For most patients, especially children being treated on a consistent basis especially when suffering from ear infections can help to reduce symptoms and reduce frequency of occurrences.   Feel free to click here to find out more information about this subject.

Chiropractic and Alternative Healthcare

Chiropractic care has been utilized as an alternative health care treatment for over a 100 years and has provided millions of individuals with pain relief. Of the over 320 million people that are with in the United States, only roughly 10% utilize chiropractic care for their pain needs.  Most people believe that as we age we automatically lose our flexibility and our pain automatically increases. The truth of the matter is if we allow ourselves to lose our flexibility by becoming sedentary the faster we age and the more and faster our joints under go degeneration. A medical doctor by the name of Henry Windsor concluded that disease PREcedes old age and tends to cause it.

The spine becomes stiff first and old age follows. Therefore we may say, a man is as old as his spine; the arteries becoming hardened later from constant vasomotor spasm, following sympathetic irritation.”  Chiropractic adjustments act like WD40 for your spine – keeping your joints flexible, your organs youthful and your health potential at its maximum.  If you want to win the battle against time, make regular Chiropractic a part of your age defying routine, maintain an active lifestyle and consume only foods that provide sustenance rather than quick gratification.  Contact your local Chandler chiropractic clinic for more information.


Feeling Younger by Eliminating Back Pain

I used to deal with a lot of back pain.  Since I’m getting up there in years I was paying for a lifetime of too much fun and not enough care for my back.  When I was younger I did all sorts of things like skateboarding, bmx racing, skiing, snowboarding, cliff diving, etc.  Looking back it seems like everything I was doing was a recipe for back pain.  Back then when I felt pain or got injured I pretty much just waited for it to pass.  And it did!  The pain always went away eventually.  As the years went on I started noticing back pain even when I wasn’t doing anything that you’d expect to cause back pain, like tying my shoe!

I eventually got tired of the pain and more importantly started to realize that if that back pain kept progressing like it was, I’d be in real trouble down the road unless I did something about it soon.  My first stop was the chiropractor because I knew they dealt with backs.  What a great experience.  He got me feeling better quickly and just as important, he told me what to do to stay healthy and continue to feel better.  He gave me functional exercises and stretches I now do on my own.  Now instead of feeling older as the years go on, I’m feeling younger every day.  I highly recommend checking out my chiropractor Chandler AZ by visiting www.ApexMedicalAZ.com

Computer Neck Causing Issues

I have been struggling with neck pain and headaches until recently.  The neck pain came on first, most likely because I sit and stare at a computer all day for most days of the week.  Not that the view from my cubicle isn’t great, but there’s just not that much else to look at when I’m at work.  Over a few month period I could notice the neck pain more and more until it became pretty constant about 2 months ago.  Around that same time I started getting headaches above and behind my eyes.  Those lasted most of my day starting about an hour after I got to work and going away only when I went to bed.  I figured the headaches were just stress from work.

I finally broke down and listened to my wife who had been telling me to go see her Chandler chiropractor.  He did an exam and took some x-rays of my neck.  He jokingly told me I had “computer neck” which he explained was when the normal curve of the neck straightens out and that can cause stress on the muscles and even the spinal cord.  He said that in itself could definitely be causing the neck pain and headaches.  He must have been right because after only a couple treatments the headaches are gone and the neck is feeling much better.  Feel free to check out ApexMedicalAZ if you’re dealing with these types of issues.

Neck Pain and Headaches

I had a killer headache over the weekend.  It started on Saturday and I woke again with it on Sunday.  I’m not a fan of taking pills like aspirin or ibuprofen so I tried just living with it.  Unfortunately, I had things I needed to get done and couldn’t take it anymore.  I was mentioning my headache to a friend in a text and he let me know that another one of his friends is a chiropractor and had given him some things to do for his headaches.  He gave me a few simple stretches to do and my headache was mostly gone after about fifteen minutes.

I never really considered that I needed to stretch my neck to get rid of my headache, but that’s what all the stretches were for.  I guess it makes sense since my neck was tight, but I didn’t realize that my neck could cause my headaches.  The stretches were just tucking my chin to my chest and using my hands to pull down lightly.  Then it was stretching straight over and moving the ears toward the shoulders and again using the arm to pull a little bit.  I held each stretch for 20-30 seconds, then rested for a minute and did it again.  It worked like a charm.  My next stop will be to visit the chiropractor!

Healthcare Insurance Still Making Big Bucks

As a healthcare provider, I think I may have made more money if I had invested in healthcare insurance companies instead of treating people and billing their insurance.  Healthcare insurance companies are raking in the money.  Even in this economy, they are making enough money to provide their CEO’s with $300 million retirement packages.  They make a lot of their money by denying insurance claims that they consider to be “not medically necessary.”  That is  a term used by insurance companies to say that according to their guidelines, the patient didn’t actually need the services.  When they determine this, which is almost always after the service has been performed, either the patient is responsible to pay all of the charges or the healthcare provider gets paid nothing.

Another way they make money is by charging for premiums stating that certain coverages are available, but they really aren’t available when the patient tried to use them.  For instance, it’s not uncommon for an insurance company to claim it has chiropractic benefits.  However, the patient has a $5000 deductible to meet before they will pay a dime for chiropractic care.  On top of that, they pay a maximum of $55 per visit to the chiropractor, which means that person would have to see the chiropractor 91 times in the year before they would have to pay.  They know this will never happen, yet they claim they have coverage.  I don’t know how it’s not considered fraud, but they find the legal loopholes and continue to work the system.  Feel free to visit ApexMedicalAZ to find out more.

Chiropractic and Knee Injuried

 I was walking my dog the other day in the park when I came across an older gentleman that was doing the same. Both of our dogs seem to get along and began to play together so we started up a conversation.  The topics ranged from where each of us where from to how big our family is to finally what we both did for a living. I told him that I worked in a Chandler chiropractic clinic and his eyes lit up with glee. He immediately told me about his knee injury that occurred 2 weeks previous. He stated that he was walking his dog when he stepped off the curb and twisted it pretty severely. He claimed that his knee swelled for 4-5 days and that he felt very unstable when he walked.  He told me that he was taking some over the counter pain medication but that the pain and swelling were still not gone. I asked if he had seen anyone about his knee pain which he replied he hadn’t.

Three days later the gentleman was in my office still complaining of the same aches and pains. I performed a thorough exam and determined that two of his main ligaments in his knee were injured but was unsure of the degree. After sending him for an MRI and to an orthopedic doctor it was determined that he had sprained his ACL and MCL. We worked on his knee for a couple of weeks along with giving him at home stretches and exercises. Within 3 weeks we had the swelling completely diminished and his strength and mobility almost back to 100%.