How important water is for losing weight

Drinking more water is definitely one of the essential keys for weight loss. Many people have the standard goal to drink eight glasses of water every day. But that also depends on your activity levels, age, weight etc. There are a lot of studies out there that show the relationship between water and weight-loss. It has been shown that dieters with a calorie controlled diet who consumed two glasses of water before each meal lost significantly more weight than those dieters who didn't. One of the reasons that water may help with weight control is the thermogenic benefits associated with water consumption. Here are a few reasons how water is the best and most body-friendly drink.

  1. Dehydration makes you feel hungry- If you don't drink enough water, you can feel hungry but actually you're just dehydrated. We can get dehydrated pretty easily. Next time you are feeling a little hungry, get into the habit of drinking some water instead and waiting 30 minutes or until you are really hungry to eat.
  2. You will burn more calories- It is scientifically proven that water can help burn excess calories. Also, if you drink only water, you will consume much less calories than usual. The flavored coffees and sugary drinks all add up on the sugar and calorie content. With drinking 2 liters of water a day, you burn extra 400 calories per day. That is the equivalent of an extra snack every day. All of the other information you can find on Wisejug, a health blog about everything diet and dieting.
  3. Healthy stomach- If you feel clogged up and bloated most of the time, you need to try drinking more water. For a healthy digestive system, it is crucial to drink enough water during the day in combination with fiber intake. Drinking enough water helps reduce your bloating.

So water is a pretty important factor when it comes to losing weight. Other than the weight-loss benefits, water also helps with clearing up your face from acne and helps your hair feel stronger. So drink your water up and you'll feel amazing.

How oatmeal help in weight loss

Can oatmeal be an effective part of a diet plan? Indeed, yes! Packed with a good amount of fiber in one serving, oatmeal is essentially a low-calorie food with minimal fat and carbohydrate content.

Not only that, but studies also unveil the fact that those who take oatmeal for breakfast usually feel full longer than those who consume corn flakes in the morning. That means you are less likely to overeat, and thus, keep your diet under control. The 3 week diet system meal plan will provide you with diet plans in detail, so definitely check it out.

The fiber that’s in oatmeal mainly makes it a vital breakfast meal. The reason is that fiber gives a feeling of satiety and fullness as it absorbs water and settles in the stomach. Therefore, they decrease your overall calorie consumption, besides reducing chances of diseases.

It might also be taken into notice that flavored oatmeal has much more calories in it than plain oatmeal. So, if the oatmeal diet gets too boring to stick to in the morning, you can always add in some healthy flavoring, by topping it with fruits like cherries, or drizzling it with applesauce, which appears to me as a scrumptious morning meal.

Let’s get started today and change the way you lose weight.

Why protein is important when trying to lose weight

Habits are hard to change, once you develop them they tend to stick around for life time. Over time we develop a few unhealthy habits such as consuming foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. There is no harm in it, after all our body needs all sorts of nutrients to function properly. However, incorporating foods high in proteins would benefit your overall health in a broader-spectrum.

Eating high protein foods help you control your hunger, which aids in the process of weight loss. You can begin by gradually eating high protein meals; however never forget to keep a check on the calories you are consuming. You will have to make smart choices when it comes to choosing high protein foods. You can visit Wise Jug for meals rich in protein.

Furthermore, not only protein reduces your appetite it also boosts the metabolism. When you are trying to lose weight, it not always results in fat loss. There are times when the muscle mass in your body is lost into the bargain. It’s sort of side effect of weight loss followed by the slow metabolic rate of your body. A slow metabolism means that you burn fewer calories on the whole.

Adding protein to your diet can prevent muscle loss which will prevent your metabolic rate from decreasing. In addition, incorporating a routine of strength training can help to build muscles. The key is to not lose muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. In the end your body looks more lean and fit.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency And Possible Symptoms

Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin to the body because it helps to keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy.  Vitamin B12 also helps to support our energy levels because it keeps your cells healthy and fed.  It is also essential to bone health, improves brain health, prevents nerve damage and improves your mood and outlook.  When the body does not get proper amounts of vitamin B12 there can be many symptoms and warning signs your body may experience. 

Unexplained fatigue may be a warning sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.  This may occur because there is a reduction of the production of erythrocytes in the body.  When this happens the amount of oxygen that travels to the organs is limited and causes the body to become fatigued because it is working harder to get oxygen throughout the body.  Dizziness may be another symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency.  Pay close attention to what you are doing when you get a dizzy spell or experience vertigo.  It is not typical to get dizzy walking up the stairs or standing up from a sitting position and may be a warning signal your body is lacking vitamin B12.

So how can you get your daily amount of vitamin B12?  Taking Vitamin B12 in supplement form is a great way to get your daily dose of 2.4 mcg per day for adults.  You can also eat foods that are high in vitamin B12.  Some of these foods include fish which are high in vitamin B12 such as; salmon (19.5 mcg in 1 filet), herring (18.7 mcg in 1 filet) and tuna (9.3 mcg in 1 filet).  3 ounces of beef or chicken liver are also very high in B12 and contain 81 mcg of B12.  For those of you who do not eat meat, raw milk or organic yogurt is a great way to also get your close to your daily dose of B12, although 1 cup only contains 1-1.3 mcg of B12.

If you have questions regarding vitamin B12 please speak to your local wellness doctor or nutritionist like San Diego Chiropractor Dr. Henry Wong.  Many  San Deigo Chiropractors are now incorporating nutrition programs into their office so their patients can obtain their most optimal health.  Remember to get checked by a professional before making diet or supplement changes.