Fitness should come above everything


Weight loss, is one such term that we hear so often. Everyone is always struggling to lose weight. However, in this attempt, most of us forget that weight loss is one aspect of the journey towards fitness. More than losing weight, our focus should lay on keeping the body fit, weight loss will automatically follow. There is no point in trying any crash diets as they do more harm than good to the body. A balanced diet is the most important requisite for a fit and fat free body.  

Go on a fitness camp vacation

To truly feel rejuvenated and change the lifestyle, one must take a trip dedicated to fitness and health. Thailand has many such great fitness camps that lay the entire focus on taking people on a journey of health and wellness. In these camps, people are asked for their body goals and then plans are customized to help them get closer to what they aspire. A good diet with good and healthy food is most important for fitness. One cannot think of losing weight if they do not eat the right kind of foods. Green vegetables and fruits have to be incorporated in the diet to reach the body goals.

Choose your plan

To make the fitness regime seem fun and interesting, the camp members are asked for their interest areas and then the exercises are designed accordingly. One must understand that workouts are effective only when they are consistent and enjoy it thoroughly.

Go on a Fitness Holiday to Thailand.

Natural Ways To Burn Fat Even When At Work

Sometimes mothers and working women find it especially hard to regularly hit the gym or watch what they eat. This can be especially frustrating if what they want is to drop a few pounds. This is why whenever these women do go to the gym, meet a trainer or enroll themselves for a Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Bootcamp Thailand, they feel betrayed because of the constant work that is required of them. Because of this very reason, the trainers at the boot camp help them come up with natural ways to accelerate their fat burning process.

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Here is how you can do it too:

  1. If you know you will be surrounded with officials, avoid drinking with them. Alcohol slows down the fat burning process to a great deal and you may not even feel it. Try and have a lot of water and skip out on drinking completely.
  2. When you pack your lunch in the morning, stack up on leafy vegetables. What a lot of people are unaware of is that the greens play a vital role in building a leaner body, inducing an increased metabolic rate and melting fat. The preparation might require the same or lesser time and help you get thinner without any change in routine.
  3. Do not get tempted by people eating fat around you. It is true that you will want to join them but remind yourself of your goal and take pictures of yourself every 2-3 weeks to see the difference and stay motivated.

Follow these tips and do not let your routine become an obstacle in your weight loss journey.

All The Reasons Why Music Is A Good Part Of Your Weight Loss Routine

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Music has a way of connecting with strangers like nothing else, and who knew it could even help in weight loss. You heard that right, we were as shook as you are right now. At first it seemed like a practical joke however studies have proven that music actually can help us lose weight.

Here is how music works as a contributing factor in weight loss.

  • Improves your Pace

The tempo of the music has a great impact on the speed with which we move. Think of it this way, higher the tempo faster you will move.

  • Motivation

If you are listening to music, chances are that you will last longer on the treadmill. Songs with motivational lyrics such as work, believe, achieve will motivate you to burn more calories as well.

  • Makes everything seem easier

Music magically makes you believe that you aren’t exerting that much however you are doing as much exertion as per routine. Music helps you lift weights with more ease because of the melody and its rhythm.

  • Conscious movements

When the music is on, you move unconsciously and when the tempo is increased your movements become faster as well making you burn more calories.

Listening to music while eating can also have an impact on your weight loss or gain, if you listen to rock music you will naturally take bigger bites and swallow the food without chewing properly. However listening to classical music while eating gives you a sense of luxury making you chew and eat slowly. This is great for food digestion and doesn’t over burden your metabolism.  Thailand Fitness Retreat boot camps have active sessions that use music as the main source of working out.