How to Use Ozone Generators in the Car

There are a lot of offensive odors that can assault your way of life. From body odor to wet dog smell, these scents can be very problematic. Some people have to worry about tobacco smoke as well. These odors are caused by bacteria growing from specific sources.

The bacteria is what we smell whenever these odors assault our noses. Unfortunately, they can be anywhere. These bacteria can be in your clothes, your home, and even your car. How do you get rid of these smells, though? There are some odor-removing liquids, though one of the best ways is to use an ozone generator.

Damage Control 911 has a lot of information on air purifiers, especially ozone generators. Your vehicle can be one of the most difficult things to get odors out of. You might spray and scrub, but the odor will still be there. Ozone generators will kill the odor-causing bacteria that are causing the stink you’re experiencing.

Running it for about 1-2 hours will kill all those small microbes and leave your vehicle smelling fresh and new as if you had just purchased it. Fortunately, you can also use ozone generators in the home! Keep in mind that ozone is dangerous to breathe in, however. Never run an ozone generator in occupied spaces.