3 New Skin Support Trends in 2018

Here we take a look at some of the latest things trending in skin care, none of which need to be prescribed, you can pick them up yourself or ask your Skin Specialist Adelaide where to get them. 


You've probably picked up on the fact there are plenty of products on the market that help to restore and protect your skin natural moisture barrier. But what do you know about microbiome support?

In technical terms, the microbiome of the skin are microorganisms that are grouped on the surface of the skin that works as a team to keep the skin looking and feeling as good as it can. Depending on your environment, aggressive bacteria can make these unbalanced, speak to your skin specialist about what prebiotics to use to keep your skin healthy and balanced.


Sounds a bit strange but just like you buy hair colouring t the supermarket and DIY dye your hair, you can do the same for your skin. And we are not talking about scientific experiments in the garage either; we are merely talking gadgets. You can now pick up do it yourself anti-ageing lasers, light therapy masks and a new trend in 2018 is microdermabrasion devices


Now when we mention crystal you may be imaging most of your friends either using them as decorations or in their baths, or even to ward off bad luck in their homes, but soon enough they will be using them for their skin. However, we are not talking about rubbing bath salts on your face, new products hitting the markets this year have quantities of amethyst and tourmaline in them, and come in creams, making it simple to do it yourself. 

So as you can see skin care is getting simpler as new products hit the market.  Don't go it alone consult your skin specialist first and they may even stock some of these innovations already.