What Are The Advantages Of Amazon Kindle?

Do you like to read books online? If yes, then Amazon Kindle is very useful device for you. I also love to read articles online rather than books. Few months back I heard about Amazon kindle. My friends told me this is amazing device for those people who love to read books, magazines, novels etc. So I explore more things about this device and then I decide to buy it.

After buying a Kindle Paperwhite during Amazon's latest sale, I explored the possibility of using it. This electronic light weight device is very comfortable to read e-books.

Read it later

Most of the time preferred to use pocket app on my computer and phone to save things for later. There are different types of app that we can use to save content for long time. We can read saved content, if we are offline.  So, just syncing content from Pocket to your Kindle should be a simple process, right?

I tried to save not only content but also videos and pictures and I found this feature is really amazing. One thing that I noticed is that the Amazon offers kindle help for their users. This is very fast service provided by the company. I really impressed it.

Send to Kindle

Amazon offers plugins for desktop web browsers like Chrome and Firefox that (like Pocket) will send a cleaned-up version of a webpage (retaining the content, skipping the rest) to your Kindle. I found that it works more reliable when we compared it to another device service. Overall my experience with is device is wonderful. So, I recommend it for you and also suggest you to read Amazon kindle reviews.